Biomics Centre

At Biomics our vision is a world where diabetes is a thing of the past. To achieve this result we have only one focus: an efficient and cost-effective cure.

For the millions of men, women and children living and struggling with diabetes a cure would represent the ability to build up the natural production of insulin and to regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream without being subjected to other risks.
An important aspect of diabetes is the number of complications associated with the disease that can lead to death, ranging from cardiovascular diseases to neuropathies, damage to the retina and an increased risk of infection.
While treatments differ from type 1 to type 2, developing better artificial insulin is achieved by bolstering its rate of assimilation or by means of biotech enhancers. Furthermore, other treatments also include one-per-day analogues of the human hormone GLP-1, however insulin production and its release are stimulated only when blood sugar levels surge.
Biomics considers that an approach based on combining these therapies with insulin analogues can lead to improved solutions with a maximized effect. On the other hand one of the biggest challenges in terms of treating diabetes is a sustainable and reliable method of delivering the drugs. Biomics places great emphasis on finding needleless drug delivery methods in an attempt to overpass the pain and the hassle caused by the repeated use of needles.
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We are already aware that cell-based therapy is effective. Biomics and its suite of medical research associates have proven that we can reestablish the normal production of insulin by using islet cells from organ donors or any other healthy source of human islets.
The results of this research show that the patients who have reached insulin independence, experience normalized and regulated blood sugar levels and do not encounter hypoglycemic episodes anymore, with some of the patients living without insulin treatment for more than 10 years.