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As one of the most widespread conditions on the planet impacting 6.6% of the world population, diabetes currently affects up to 285 million individuals globally, with estimates indicating that the number will more than double by 2050.

logo-hires 2One of the countries with the most prevalent occurrences of diabetes is the USA with 25.8 million of its citizens (8.6% of the entire population) suffering from the disease. With obesity increasing at an alarming rate it is expected that the cases of diabetes will also grow exponentially.
At present the countries with the largest number of diabetes per capita are China (43.2 million), India (40.9 million), USA (25.8 million), Russia (9.6 million) and Brazil (6 million).
On the other hand the countries with the largest prevalence of diabetes in the adult population are Nauru (30%), Bahrain (25.5%), UAE (25%), Saudi Arabia (23.5%) and Mauritius (20%).