Biomics Centre

At Biomics we endeavor to improve the lives of people suffering from diabetes through the efficient application of medical knowledge and modern technology.

In order for Biomics to make a revolutionary leap in uncovering a sustainable and dependable cure for diabetes it is important that we direct our resources towards the projects that have the most significant impact in terms of scientific advancement with regards to the myriad of unsolved issues relating to the disease.

Biomics’ Values.

The following aspects represent the core values that enable us to work smart and represent our driving force.

  • Mindful simplicity

    Making life easier for millions of patients and their families by using compassion and care.

  • Innovative mindset

    Approaching issues from a different perspective, tackling problems the smart way and not being satisfied with ‘good enough

  • Positive fortitude

    Demonstrating our commitment through innovations and a solid work ethic. 

  • Comprehensive approach

    Delivering comprehensive drug and insulin dosing and delivery solutions by addressing the many facets of diabetes as a whole.