Biomics Centre

Biomics Centre is an independent Kuala Lumpur domiciled diabetes research company focused on discovering efficient solutions towards the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Based upon an advantageous patent position, broad experience in the field of drug development and in association with several academic researchers Biomics Centre designs clinically relevant therapies not only for the above mentioned types of diabetes but also for the treatment of similar conditions such as hyperglycemia.

In order for Biomics Centre to make a beneficial impact in the field of life science we strive to provide the best and most appropriate rodent models to researchers.

We do so upon the consideration that improved models are highly predictive and relevant, leading to better observations regarding diseases and the treatments used to cure them.

Aside from the human aspect of the issue, better predictive models mean that less rodent subjects are required to obtain biological insight, because while we do offer improved research models we also advocate the reduction of live animal use in drug development, adopting a set of moral standards that ensure that the test subjects in our facilities enjoy the highest degree of care.

However, our principal focus is directed at helping the individuals that suffer from diabetes and related conditions. Through committed teams of medical researchers and project management specialists, we work on their behalf to uncover and develop efficient solutions to better not only their lives but also those of their loved ones and care givers.